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Why Milanium?


The foundation of your assets


Milanium wants to make the land market accessible for a wide audience

Locations with a future

Through Milanium, you can invest in agricultural land that is considered ‘hot’ in the market. That means future repurposing for residential or industrial construction is expected in the medium to long term. That’s a world in which municipalities, governments, developers and institutional investors have been building their capital for hundreds of years. These parties see land as a solid long-term, low-risk investment that provides diversification in their mix of stocks, bonds, currencies and other real estate. Through our mission, vision and four pillars, we have made investing in land accessible and crystal clear.

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We deliver custom work

We deliver custom work

An investment comes with personal advice. We start with a thorough inventory of your experience and expectations. Based on that, we issue advice. Based on the advice, we help you select a suitable lot and guide you throughout the purchase process.

Geen omkijken naar je investering

No need to worry about your investment

No need to worry about your investment

A land purchase is an investment that you have to do almost nothing about. Unlike, say, real estate. And we take care of all the arrangements. We inform you clearly and completely about our projects. We take care of the administrative process of the purchase together with our notary. We will keep you informed about the price development periodically.

Aantrekkelijke prijs

Attractive price

Attractive price

You only pay us a low commission rate, we do not charge additional fees. After all, it’s all about your future profits.

Persoonlijke nazrog

Personal approach

Personal approach

Of course you have questions. Perhaps even now. Feel free to call us for more information or stop by our office in Almere. We would also be happy to personally show you around the projects. Even after your land purchase, you can always call us. Read more about our approach in the brochure.

Those who own the land, have the power!

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Important to know

A land purchase through Milanium falls outside the supervision of the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). This is because it is not an investment property, but an investment for which you are responsible. Milanium provides you with complete, reliable and verifiable information about the projects offered. You can always reach us if you have questions.