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The notary

  • If you decide to purchase the land, we will go over the purchase agreement with the additional information with you and answer any questions you may have.
  • After your approval, a purchase agreement will be signed in duplicate. From that moment, the statutory cooling-off period of three working days starts. After that, we will send the purchase agreement to the notary. Finally, the notary will send you a confirmation.
  • The notary will provide you with a draft deed of delivery and a power of attorney which can be legalized by your own notary. You can also choose our notary from Notariskantoor van Limburg Stirum in Hilversum for this. If desired, you can attend the transfer yourself.
  • You receive a bill and transfer the purchase sum to the third-party account of the notary before the transfer.
  • The notary arranges the transfer and draws up the accompanying deed of delivery. They will ensure that the land is registered in the land registry in your name. You will then receive a copy of this land registry entry and together with this deed, it is your proof of ownership. From that moment on, you are the actual legal owner of the plot of land.

Although you are entitled to choose your own notary, we recommend making use of our own notary. They are specialized in the transfer of land plots and aware of our methods, so that the transfer is easy and fast.

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