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Invest in land

Asset growth with land: Milanium helps you

You want a worry-free future with sufficient capital. For the children’s studies, for that one dream house or to live freely later in life. With low interest rates and high inflation, saving is no longer an option. So you are looking for investments that will give you prospects for capital growth. Preferably without you having to worry about it. In that case, a purchase of Dutch land is an attractive investment. Milanium makes that possible. With a personal approach, low threshold and complete clarity. You can read about it in our brochure.

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From agricultural to building land

Through Milanium, you invest in Dutch agricultural land. This allows you to benefit from the rising land prices. The plots we select are strategically located near growing municipalities. They have a significant chance of future repurposing for residential development. In that case, the financial result of your plot can be enormous. With profits that are also tax-free. The data from the land registry shows that the average price of a building plot is over 70 times higher than that of agricultural land.


The Four pillars of Milanium

Wij leveren maatwerk

We deliver custom work

Geen omkijken naar je investering

No need to worry about your investment

Aantrekkelijke prijs

Attractive price

Persoonlijke nazrog

Personal approach

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Years of experience
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Important to know

A land purchase through Milanium falls outside the supervision of the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). This is because it is not an investment property, but an investment for which you are responsible. Milanium provides you with complete, reliable and verifiable information about the projects offered. You can always reach us if you have questions.


Those who own the land, have the power!